“There are billions in unclaimed assets out there. Some could be yours”

“The Sheer volume of unclaimed assets & the public’s inexperience in claiming them, has produced a new service industry: Asset Locators”

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OBOTO is a national surplus recovery firm whose main headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  We assist homeowners in recovering excess proceeds following a tax or foreclosure sale. Our goal from inception has been ensuring homeowners receive the money that’s rightfully theirs, before it’s claimed by the government.

That was your home, we understand the trauma.

The mere mention of the address conjures bad feelings, regrets, sadness and an overwhelming sense of loss. We understand, we felt that too and it is the reason we created this company.  Sometimes?  You need to let your guard down, so others can help.  “Everything you need is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

Government Escheatment

At some point, a property that was owned by you or a relative of yours; was seized, foreclosed on and ultimately sold by the state to recoup funds owed to the state.

 There was money left over from the sale that’s owed to the ORIGINAL home owner that the state’s hoping you won’t find out about…so they can keep it. This little known, yet common practice is called “Escheatment”.

What's Our Why?

As a result of countless successful claims, our firm has flourished. Today, On Behalf Of The Owner is the gold standard amongst the most respected surplus recovery firms in the country. Our methodology is simple, “treat clients like family & their interests like oxygen; vital & everyone prospers”. Still we stay grounded in remembering our humble beginnings and making the difference in the lives of so many. We love seeing our clients back on top & will continue doing all we can to ensure you are. Call us, we’ll show you what’s possible.”

Because of Bureaucracy & Procedural Technicalities, Getting your Refunds Can Be Complicated.

Working with our organization allows you to consult with professionals who have a proven track record in both processing overage refund claims and recouping these funds. Recovery of surplus funds are a huge help for individuals and families wanting to get back on their feet, reclaim their home, pay their rent or even put a down payment on their new home. Don’t leave money on the table for the government. Call us today.”

On Behalf Of The Owner, LLC BBB Business Review

Our Process


Extensive Research

We audit thousands of government databases to identify private individuals, and their heirs who are owed money.

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Our team works to discover unpaid balances in the form of excess proceeds waiting to be claimed. We then locate the rightful owners and take the necessary steps to recover those funds from the government.



After a free consultation, our clients then sign the fee agreement to hire us for processing the claim with no UPFRONT COST.



The Attorney locates and submits any required paperwork to the court. We do all the work while you sit back and wait for your check.


Funds Recovered

You receive the check overnight after the successful execution of the case.

What do people say about On Behalf Of The Owner?

Our Past Cases

REAL people, REAL refunds

Listed below are some of the actual foreclosure refunds we’ve recovered for our clients.

P. Lyles $22,120.00 recouped

J. Tensen $28, 908.10 recouped

The Jackson $9,012.97 recouped

N. Jackson $799,439.27 recouped

A. Lampkin $27, 812.06 recouped

C. Schilling $286,324.83 recouped

M. Anderson $48,380.95 recouped

Family S. Sonni $54,900.32 recouped

Estate of M. Vilar $270,037.25 recouped

Estate of S. Reyes $1,273,739.77 recouped

T. Mendes & J. Hernando $50,899.22 recouped

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Pay off those credit cards or the car note? Put a handsome downpayment on that NEW house? Or maybe, take that vacation you’ve been promising yourself forever? If you are reading this, we found it. The money that will change EVERYTHING. Call us today, before it’s too late.

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You can find most answers to your questions on this page however if you have additional questions or concerns; we are here to help you 6 days a week and respond within 3-6 hours. Phone us today!


If your property was foreclosed on, we’re contacting you to make you aware of possible excess proceeds that legally belong to you..

No but that’s a great question and one we’d like to know as well, if we were in your shoes.  Let’s layout the worst case scenario; you decide to work with us, send us your paperwork, we submit it to our attorneys and find out that the excess funds have liens that exceed the overage amount or have already permanently defaulted to the government — which sometimes does happen due to the amount of time that has elapsed. In this case; we would have already payed for the investigators, attorney, title search and sourcing & filing fees; not a cent of which came out of your pocket. We bare 100% of all costs.  There are never any upfront cost to our clients.

Let’s go to the other extreme.  Say we locate the money and it’s still there waiting to be claimed, great! Our attorneys file the claim & together; we manage the entire process. You get to live your life and focus on other things and in 60 to 120 days we call you up and say, “Mr/Mrs…….. your check is ready!” In either case… you win.  If you’re ever asked for any money or credit card info upfront by anyone, be alarmed. That’s DEFINITELY a scam

Yes, it may seem crazy; but after your former property’s foreclosure sale, there was a balance generated that exceeded  the amount you owed the state in taxes OR an amount that exceeded  the amount you owed your lender.  Explanation: At the properties auction; the bidding for your former property started  at what you owed yes; but because there were a multitude of bidders, the price was bid up far  past what you owed.  That’s where the excess funds are generated from and these excess funds are payable to you since the state or lender(s) are only privy to the amount you owed them.  The remaining balance?  Legally belongs to the original owner; you.  Most people are unaware of this and the state prefers it like that because if those excess funds are not collected in a specific time they say, “you abandoned the money” and they keep it.  This practice is called “escheatment.”

Our organization is commissioned to audit various government agencies on an ongoing basis to identify unclaimed funds that are owed to companies, private individuals and their heirs.  After we’ve confirmed all existing parties herein, we then conduct comprehensive searches utilizing various online tools to locate you.

Whatever excess funds are remaining will go to any outstanding recorded liens/financial obligations first, then any remaining balance is payable to the person(s) of interest.  In other words, you.  Sometimes? We’ve even seen liens that weren’t recorded with the state not even be considered by the judge, our client received everything.  This however; is on a case by case basis but if it’s there?  We’ll get it for you.

Excess proceeds law states that the family chain of succession must be incorporated in the event of deceased title holders. This means, any money owed will go to the next person according to the family bloodline if there is no surviving spouse. See chain of succession: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/intestate-succession-georgia.html

Depending on the state, it can take anywhere from 3-9 months. Georgia’s average timeline is 3-4 months, California and Nevada usually 3-6 months and Washington/Arizona are 6-7 months. Due to COVID, processing times are subject to longer periods.

If the HOA foreclosed, whatever amount is owed to them will be collected first before the funds are disbursed to the person(s) of interest.  In other words, you.

If he/she is on the property title, then we would need both parties to sign the authorization of representation and the agreement.  If not, then you  keep the balance.

A Birth Certificate and Death Certificate will suffice.

Yes, but like most professional services handled by Realtors, Lawyers, Paralegals, and Mortgage Loan Officers; they come with many years of training and experience. Technically, most professional services can be attempted by an individual without the expertise, but it’s not recommended. Just like other professional services, the reason our clients hire us is to save themselves time, energy, and money.

Yes, you can search through the numerous government databases & record sites for the unclaimed assets, then do the research, auditing, cross-claims, legal opinion letters, pay for the title search and all the attorney fees yourself or…you can let the pro’s at On Behalf Of The Owner do all the legwork for you and simply wait for your check.

Many of our cases result in excess proceeds being paid out to the original title holder(s) and because these funds are legally attached to the property, we have to verify the identity of the person of interest to the funds.

Depending on when the debt was recorded and if the debtor is still seeking payment. Most likely if the debt is IRS related then it will be paid from the surplus, but we will know more once claim forms have been filed and complaints have been researched.

 Most of the letters or calls you’ll receive are from individuals who are not incorporated as a legitimate business entity. Unfortunately; most states do not prohibit individuals from engaging in this dubious practice. As a result, they will not be accredited with the Better Business Bureau (do your research..).  Lastly; most individuals do not have the passion, experience, expertise or furthermore; persistence in dealing with the bureaucracy that accompanies filing claims with government agencies. On Behalf Of The Owner is incorporated in the State Of Georgia, in good standing and is a legally bonded, Better Business Bureau accredited business that works with the state of Georgia in locating individuals like you who are owed money.  We are committed to providing each and every client with the utmost integrity and customer service.

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